HOUSE OF BELLVUE books are now in pre-order!

Greetings, dear readers!

I have been informed by Chris Lester, my editor at Liminal Corvid Press, that the e-book versions of HONOR BOUND, HONOR TESTED and HONOR RECLAIMED have been submitted to Amazon for publication. All three volumes are currently listed for pre-order, with a release date of June 1st, 2022 CE.

(Brief aside: I am continually fascinated by the way the flow of time differs between our two worlds. Here in Metamor we are still in Year 2001 of the Cristos Reckoning, at the very dawn of our twenty-first century. In your world, though, you are nearly a quarter of the way through the equivalent century of the Common Era! I wonder what great changes will have befallen us when we have finally caught up to where you are now.)

Chris assures me that the release date may well be moved up, but the limiting factor is the production of the audiobooks, which LCP would like to have released at the same time as the print versions. We have a superb narrator, Vivienne Ferrari, who is recording the English translations of the books, but her production has been somewhat delayed. Apparently there is some kind of virus that is causing considerable trouble in your world of late; having had my own recent experience with debilitating illness, I can sympathize, and I wish Ms. Ferrari a swift recovery.

Chris has also completed the layouts for HONOR OF BELLVUE, the omnibus paperback that collects the first three volumes of the House of Bellvue. This edition will feature a gorgeous wraparound cover featuring the artwork of Bad Moon Art Studio, whose work also graces this website. Amazon does not allow pre-orders of paperback books, but you can expect HONOR OF BELLVUE to be listed for sale at roughly the same time when the e-books are released.

I am so excited that these stories will soon be in your hands! I have fallen in love with these characters and their world, and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Now, back to work on the next story…


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