Recruitment: A House of Bellvue Extra

This is a bonus scene that shows Natasha leaving her homeland and joining the Imperial Army.

Learning the Ropes: A House of Bellvue Story (Short Audio)

Natasha Volkova is a new recruit for the Imperial Army, about to be deployed to the front lines in a brutal world war. On her last night of freedom, in a little port city on the backside of nowhere, Natasha joins her squadmate Russo for a trip to the House of Comfort, a place where trained professionals can make your wildest fantasies come true. As a poor farm girl from the conservative nation of Vysehrad, Natasha isn’t sure what to expect … especially when Russo brings her to a room that looks like a dungeon. Secrets will be revealed, and Natasha will be forced to confront the deepest, most hidden desires of her own heart.

“Learning the Ropes” is a prequel story for The House of Bellvue by L.C. Williams. Prior experience with the setting is not required.

Content Advisories: Explicit sexual content (FF sex, group sex), BDSM, alcohol use, magical and supernatural elements.

Narrated by Vivienne Ferrari

Honor Bound Excerpt

This excerpt contains the first five chapters of Honor Bound. Meet Honor hin’Bellvue, the daughter of a country baron, and Natasha Volkova, a veteran of a brutal world war. A twist of fate is about to throw these two women together in a way that neither of them could have ever expected…

If you like what you see here, you can purchase Honor Bound here in e-book or audiobook. Or you can buy the entire 3-volume series in paper as the Honor of Bellvue omnibus edition.