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The only daughter of a country baron, Honor hin’Bellvue has long felt the weight of duty to her noble house—a duty her mother abandoned when she left her child and husband for a foreign lover. Now an adult, and entering the social Season for the first time, Honor is keen to help restore House Bellvue’s reputation.

Natasha Volkova is an immigrant to Metamor City, struggling to adjust to civilian life after serving in a brutal world war. When she isn’t working as a house guard, she soothes her battle scars with hard drinking and beautiful women—but the ladies of the noble class are strictly off-limits to a commoner like her.

Drawn together by fate—and a possibly-magical amulet, a gift from Honor’s estranged mother—these two very different women find in each other the partner they never knew they needed. But their Dominant/submissive relationship is forbidden, and when shifting political winds thrust Honor into the limelight, the risk of exposure grows severe. Bound by the duties of their stations, both women must decide what they are willing to gamble for a chance at true freedom.

HONOR BOUND is the first book in THE HOUSE OF BELLVUE, a lesbian fantasy romance with D/s themes.