Lillian C. Williams writes heartwarming stories about women (and sometimes androgynes!) falling in love. Born in the pastoral countryside of northeastern Carlan, she now lives in Metamor City, where she teaches history at Empire University.

An expert in the Progressive Era (1890–1940 CR) of the Empire of Metamor, Dr. Williams began writing historical fiction at the age of forty-one, when a prolonged illness forced her to take a sabbatical from teaching. She is fascinated by the rapid societal transformations that gripped the Empire at the turn of the twentieth century, and hopes that her books will educate as well as entertain.

When she is not writing, teaching, or conducting research, Dr. Williams enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and dancing the tango with her partner Isabela. She is often seen in the company of her cat, a large orange tabby named Marmalade.