Introducing Alix

Alix hin’Townsend is the third member of our trio. The scion of a wealthy and progressive noble house, Alix is an androgyne: a shapeshifter who is able to take on male or female attributes at will. In Metamor City, androgynes make up roughly one fifth of the population. Noble society treats them as a “third sex”—able to enter the spaces of both lords and ladies, but never truly belonging to either.

Alix meets Honor during the Debutantes’ Ball, the annual event where young nobles entering adulthood are introduced to the rest of the peerage. Alix is a charismatic person with a head full of dreams for the future, and they hit it off with Honor almost immediately. Alix’s position as scion means that they stand to inherit leadership of House Townsend one day, which makes them an attractive marriage prospect for Honor—provided that her illicit romance with Natasha doesn’t derail that possibility. Honor’s attempt to find a balance between these two relationships forms the backbone of the second book in the series, HONOR TESTED.

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